Pushing the Margins will launch with AMBruno at the Small Publishers Fair on October 28 & 29th at Conway Hall, London. The 2022 project Margins has 11 books by 12 artists.

Pushing the Margins
Even democracy, that vaunted natural selection of civilisation, creates margins. The majority officially pushes out the minority. Geography, race, sex, gender, education, health, religion, wealth and mechanisation as well as politics ~ indeed every facet of life ~ can produce collectives of togetherness which push out ‘others’. There is often little space for those on the margins, for those who wish to be or have to be different.

These human differences are often explored in books, which remind us that a profit for one is a loss for the ‘other’, the marginalised.Books are pages grouped together, the words bound together by their margins. Pushing the margin occurs on the page, in the books, and in society. Margins bleed.